Alienpoet’s Poet CV

Daniel Hooks AKA Alienpoet has been writing poetry since 2001. His poetry covers a wide range of social, philosophical and spiritual issues. He aims to tells stories in poetic form. Ask questions and gain answers. He originally started writing therapeutically for his own mental health after being diagnosed with a serious mental health problem. But realised poetry could not only help him but help the reader. And create art through poetry which would have a lasting impact.

His poem if I was a superhero referenced on The Van podcast In 2018

And was studied as inspirational piece of poetry to inspire other junior school children at Brown clee school to produce poetry on superheroes. In the autumn term 2016.

His Poem Antithesis studied in America as an prime example of Antithesis as a concept along side Martin Luther king speech I have a dream. 28th April 2014

His “poem on identity” was studied as a English as a second language courses in Australia and USA in Yale online course. As of May 2008

His poem “Love is a child” featured online on many poetry websites was Poemhunters’s poem of the day in 2022

His “Freedom” poem used as inspiration for famous artist Ben Heine’s piece of art filled with fire November 9th 2007

His poem “We are all different but the same”was used in advertising video by company called “Explore what’s next” 27 June 2019

Has 211 followers on his website

146 followers on SoundCloud as Alienpoet

218 followers on Facebook as Alienpoet

113 followers on TikTok alienpoet

as of current day 20th October 2022

Is Andover radios poet in residence

Has facilitated national poetry day on Andover radio by recording poetry and running workshops.2018-2019

Has produced an anthology of poetry on Andover for Andover radio in support of the charity Andover rocks raising over a hundred pounds 2020.

Has performed locally in many open mics and regularly performs at open mics in his home town of Andover.

Here’s what other people have said about Daniel Hooks’s poetry

“Yeah mate you have definitely inspired my creative flow your poetry is more than just words you open peoples eyes to the world that some don’t see….your awesome dan and i would imagine you have helped a lot without even realising it…. peace and love brother.”

“I’ve always struggled with my emotions and being able to vent in a positive way- they have been many occasions where seeing you able to produce such art has inspired me to do the same. Something so personal and alien to the world but so meaningful to me! You have helped me in more ways that you will ever know! Your an inspiration!”