The happiness trap

I have heard future generations talking about changing the world for better
I’d like to write them a love letter for being this way
But if you’re a slave to the wage packet you will soon part of machines racket
Another slave to the way the world is was and will be
Nothing changes without pain.
I am telling you in changing the world you will suffer
The world will sell you happiness as an ideal
Married with a partner a job and two kids
The world will get in the way
Life is slavery we were made to serve
Soon all manner of distractions will form a net
and although you may have the weight of numbers
The content person slumbers
The only way to change the world is go against the grain
and endure pain after pain
Speak out, be the change you want to see
People will still diss you
You might have the words to cause an earthquake
But people still won’t follow you unless they see results
And saving the world is as hard as going through the eye of the needle.