When the ghosts of Christmas’s past
won’t go, they just laugh
at all your efforts for this Christmas time
the air freshener scent of pine
won’t hide the smell of sprouts
there is a sense of disbelief and doubt
that Santa’s eaten your mince pies
you are so stressed your eye has a stye
you got put on the naughty list
the mistletoe has run out, so you won’t get kissed
you have a friend who can’t make it who will be missed
when the kids are driving you spare
you have run out of underwear
your socks are more holy than the carols being sung at church
your partner has broke up with you and left you in the lurch
so they don’t have to buy you any presents
you feel like an unlucky pheasant
because the shop assistant is being less than pleasant
remember the year will begin again
and spring time will soon be here.338E4957-BF09-4C53-9D47-412652068159

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness week starts on the 13th of November Inclusion are running various events including an open mic and talks at their hub around Alcohol awareness they are opposite the post office in bridge street, above Kathmandu shop the door to the left of their store.
Inclusion’s Address in Andover is

51 Bridge Street
SP10 1BG
Phone Number
0300 124 0103 option 8

This is my poem about Alcohol dependency

His Poison – Poem by Daniel Hooks
AKA Alienpoet on Facebook

I stay alive by the thinnest of threads
my friends have all left me as though I was dead
my only friend is the bottle from which I drink
blessed amnesia from reality I think
I used to be Jack the lad getting drunk at parties
going out with girls and being arty
but that all finished years ago
and the pain of loss does show
in the tears in my eyes.

But the alcohol numbs the pain, gives me back the lies
that I could be that man again
before the rot set in
before I flunked my art degree
and my girl left me.

I know I am half the man I used to be
and the alcohol is a poison and not a cure
but the lure
of the booze
means that I lose the battle
against drinking again
and succumb to my senses being numbed
sometimes I can go for weeks without touching a drop
but then depression sets in
and I drop to my knees
crying Lord please!
but there is no answer
so I look to the corner shop
I tell myself I’ll only have a drop
but in the end I drink more than enough
in the ends it’s tough
it’s who I am
that’s to blame
I sit in my shame
drunk unto oblivion
and finished the night blitzed.

If you want to know more about Inclusion
This their website Inclusion Andover0F4ECA44-72C3-4D30-AB05-49FCE7F20221

I feel a completeness staring into your eyes

I feel a completeness staring into your eyes
That I don’t feel when I am alone
I grasp for meaning in a daydreaming world
My mind opens like an oyster
and you are my pearl
a beautiful agony unfurls
in missing you and your words
and touch.
I miss you so much
but I want wholeness
in my own skin
but it rings thin
because is it narcissism?
To look beyond the chasm
the void of our own soul
and yet romantic love is being in love
with what someone is that we haven’t got
and yet we don’t care a jot
for love is creation I care deeply and a lot
for what you have and what I haven’t got.

We are Boys

man up?
When did our yearning to protect and serve
and keep people safe?
turn into rage and wanting danger?
We are no stranger to tragedy
avidly wrestling with our desire for violence
was it taught by society and our father, are they keeping silent?

Soldiers growing colder each day
to the god of man we pray
to teach us a better way.

Anger our, “man up” emotion
lost in its devotion
we need different role models action man won’t cut it.
As we destroy ourselves fighting and wrestling with the anger inside
as we collide with the alternate worlds we hide
inside the potential we have
and are told to bite at ourselves
as “man up” is the only thing we hear
we disappear from the innocence
we held dear
the blood stained tear
gives way more often to anger and fear.

I hear the voice of a woman who I still love

The ghost who walks
In this lie
I look for an answer
An answer to why
Chained and changing
In this skin
Its weakness gives birth to pain within
The voice that haunts me it claims to be you
You start your conversation with “you hate me so much”
But I know if you did you
wouldn’t talk to me you’d be out of touch
You want my attention to claw at my skin
Love is hunger it aches within
I love you but that answer is thin
Hollow, the truth swallows all I say
I pray that you find me in a better day
Somewhere in the sun
For all the grey days
Pave the way
For eternity
and I couldn’t be without you this world.