Christmas memories

I still see the lights of our Christmas tree in my families home
Santa clause the movie on that old telly we used to own
The crunch of snow beneath my welly boots in our garden
Making a snowman before the snow hardened into ice
Christmas songs on repeat in our metro car
Staring at the stars in shop windows in the high street
Trying to avoid the slush and sleet
Making a list of what I wanted Santa and his reindeer to bring
Mince pies chocolates and sweets
Christmas cake Yule log and treats
Christmas carols and Scrooge
Presents in a huge sack at the end of my bed
Not wanting to go to bed because I was so excited
Christmas Day round at my Nan’s
Turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes eating with family
Having a laugh at classic comedies on Tv
Being in the nativity play at school as a lamb
Giving Christmas cards out at school
But more than that I remember the feeling Christmas gave
That life is rich and good memories need to be saved.

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