Hyper normalisation

Hyper normalisation

It starts with a sensation of feeling it can’t be real
This pain, this reality it all seems so fake
Living in turmoil yet being awake
We’ve created a fictional story for what we see
Lies have become “real” the virtual stains reality
Yet we are living in the creative dump
Hilary Clinton and Donald trump
Opportunists in this world of lies
The poet cries
But truth is hated more than the lies we perceive
and believe cause their sugar makes the medicine go down
No need to frown, because life is just for individuals like you
We all different but not one of us has a clue
Of what’s going on
Corporations rule the media so what’s wrong?
Censorship breaks even the strongest of minds
Leaves us cold but does anyone mind?
They feed us primal fears
While we our fed TV box sets of lives we want to lead
While soldiers bleed in wars we keep fighting
Just because of oil sightings
It’s all bit pointless as the golden age of austerity kicks in
And the rich become fat eating the poor
and misery is a acquaintance who is in your house though you didn’t answer the door
It’s all normal check your email and censor your political correctness
It’s all bull shit tell yourself it won’t mean a thing
Your King or queen of nothing
and there is no God heaven was a bluff
It’s not real it’s tough
Because we could have made it heaven on earth
But fantasy was beguiling
As we watch game of thrones we are smiling.

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