Daniel North

Daniel North
I was sure in the hospital ward
That I could be no more
That you would take my place
That I would leave and become another person
Though it would be a thug
Not the mug that I have become
Waiting for sunrises that bring no surprises
That I would take life by the horns
Like the warrior before he is torn
asunder the man of thunder and storms
I would be the maelstrom
Sucking tornados in
and spitting them out like broken rhymes
In time with the claps of lightening
The only price I would pay for being a different person
Was that I squandered the life I had
A teary eyed sad slave
When I knew I could do better
I plough on, somber songs
another daydream another chance skipped
I wish I could rip up the rule book
Break free of the monotony
The pendulum is swinging
But I am still clinging to Daniel
Will my soul go north
I never feel like I belonged
Except in a house where I am know longer welcome.

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