I dream of death

This came from a prompt from one of my classmates in creative writing I rewrote it though at home.

I have a secret nobody knows
When I dream of someone who dies
It comes true
What they don’t know is my fathers called Death
He lets them take their final breath
In some cases its a relief
To leave this tortuous life
End pain wracked old age
But I don’t like people to leave early before their time
I offer a prayer for those people
But sometimes matter just breaks apart
Before its time
I have heart so does my Dad
He knows that death is just a transition
Maybe the body of the dying makes a decision
To come back and learn more as somebody else?
My fathers never given me an answer.
But I hold his secret and mine
and one day it’ll be my time.

A Christian burial

They bury you under original sin
Animal instincts desires
Man oh man you can’t win
You tire of your skin
Or is it the soul within?
Which yearns to be free
The key to life love
do we really know what it is?
The ones who really love you bang their heads on your brick wall
However the ones who walk tall are seldom wise
Does it come as any surprise?

God they say calls time at the end of your life
When you have been beaten by the Christian whip
Of self loathing
I don’t know about you but I’d say if God exists
He or she would be understanding if they walked in our shoes!


My imaginary friend or ghost

of a little boy

Who had one eye green and one eye blue

Taken into special needs, not knowing why not having a clue.

He asked me whether I could bring him back 

To life as the teacher watched on 

no one could see him, what was wrong?

I used to get ribbed by friends until he disappeared 

One day here, one day gone

No goodbyes where’s Anthony the strange ferret like little boy

I was moved to the class the year below 

Soon I moved up again to my original class but no Anthony no lonely hello.