Once in a land faraway

Once in land far away,
was a woman
she knelt to pray.
she prayed for a child who could be
the key to a new dawn of ages.

The baby was conceived
by union of bodies
by lustful souls.
The scrolls foretold the child would grow to be
a pawn in the game of prophecy.

A peacemaker of the goddess
most high.
Her diamond,glowing bright in the sky
but there would be a price to be paid
not all the cards could be played.
The son could never know
how it should play out
or his mind would be full of doubt.

When the child was in his teens
daydreaming in front of computer screens
his father asked him what he knew
of the Goddess dressed in blue?

The boy replied and sighed
everyone knows the story
of the man the white rabbit prince.
The peacemaker between heaven and hades
the lover who rescues his love from the flames
but who’s heart can never be tamed
or be told because he would go mad
end up sad and old,
and not being able to fore fill the will of the goddess.

Then the father began to stress
the sons importance nevertheless,
the son had an inclining his dad wasn’t letting on
the full story.
So he had to find one
he looked and looked
and searched and searched
down dale and over birch
became a scientist

He didn’t believe in any more stories
of space and time
myths and legends were not on his mind.
Until he met a woman
beautiful and free
a spirit of life’s mystery.

She would tell him stories
read him verse
he fell in love with her
so much worse
than ever a man has fallen before.

What he didn’t realise is she had depression,
it was her curse
even with his love it seemed
to get worse
the stories she told
grew ever more dark and bold
until she took her life.
But not before he had taken her for a wife.

Meanwhile the world had become full of strife
wars and famine sapped Gaia’s life
the Earth was failing
it’s life support System grew weak.

But the man was too aggrieved to notice
he wouldn’t go outside
his love lost he could never hide
as the world was falling apart
so was his heart.

He saw a child crying outside his window
and went to comfort
the boy orphaned by war
then the man realised something needed to done.
As he surveyed
the desolate landscape he prayed
to the goddess of blue
she granted him of vision.
Where he’d have to choose the life of the world
Or the lover he knew.
He cried out you bitch!
You goddess of the insane!
I will not make the choice I will not be to blame.
For my lover is my heart but this world has born many souls
including mine.
What right have I to choose
which side to win which side to lose
I want to be happy.

Fraught with pain
he made his decision he overcame
he chose to solve the problems of mankind.
Preaching to them and showing them sciences
mysteries in one
stories of humanity being different but ultimately the same
Being one.
That on top of the people being tired of war
made peace the law
he sometimes wished he’d chose
the other choice.
But then he realised
he hoped he supposed he’d be able with all his knowledge
and wisdom.
That he’d be able to help her if they’d ever meet again in hades
or wherever he’d be able to save the woman he loved from the same fate.

As he died of old age
he prayed that hed be reborn
with the wisdom of a Sage
so when he was reborn into
Hades shades
he grew to be a wise man still
but he always felt something was missing.

Until he saw a woman
she was mysterious
but he sensed her heart was pure
he was struck by her allure
so he went over to meet her.
she told him she was the Queen
of this land that stretched out to the sea.
The Citadel of tears was her residence
The sage asked why was it called the Citadel of tears?
She replied because “I have been a Queen for the longest time
butI have never found a husband to be mine,
and there is ghost in my dreams that cries
because she is lost
in a sea of sadness.
Madness her veil of midnight
hiding her face
she cries for the husband she lost
her touch is cold like the frost
in my dream.”

The Sage held her hand
kissed on the forehead
it was more than he could stand
to see a woman
clothed in pain,
he imagined her tears
falling like rain.
he said “I will pray
for a vision today
to save you from your dismay.”

When he slept
a dream crept
into his mind
of a man and a woman very much in love
but the woman was stung with a curse
her mirth was strangled
with tears
with overblown fears,
that took her life
and left him lonely
with only the wisdom
to help those around the land.
But now he had planned to save her
then the dream ended
the Sage was resolved to save the queen
to speak to the ghost
in her dreams.

So the next night
he held the Queen’s hand tight
as she fell asleep.
Hours passed she began to moan and weep as if in pain
he prayed he asked the goddess of blue to go into her dreams
he began to lose consciousness
and fall asleep.
In the dream the ghost was weeping
the Sage approached her
gently he asked her why she was crying
fearing her reproach.
She replied “I am lost and I have lost the one I loved
that is why I had you come and find me
now you must set me free.
I am the Queens subconscious we are the same person
and we have been waiting for you husband of mine.”
“How do I know this to be true?” asked the sage
the ghost clasped his hand and lifted her veil,
he knew her face
it was his wife from the previous life.
He didn’t notice the frost the cold of the dream was thawing melting around them
smoke was forming then licks of flame began to burn,
but he wasn’t afraid
he embraced her and kissed her wildly
flames surrounded them
touching their bodies but not hurting them
flames of passion
igniting their souls.

The Queen and the Sage woke from the dream together
knowing they were meant to be with each other for forever.

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