It’s an emergency

It’s an emergency
Crack out the poetry.

our hearts are dying
In the drizzle of a mundane day

We need to realise our moment is now
We need to realise poetry is inspiration

We just need to breathe in creativity
and expire the fire of art

Instead of shopping carts
We need words

Instead of paper and plastic sums
We need to take life by the horns

Free our minds
From the blinds of working like slaves

We need to follow our dreams
Our life is our movie

We choose how moved to be
Life is for the taking

Moving,shaking, making, breaking
Reforming, storming, forming, performing

Our art will be our movement
Always seeking improvement.

Sweets and treats

Blessed are the appeasers
For they shall eat malteasers

Only stars eat mars bars
Don’t be dorky eat a yorkie

I pine for dime bar goodness
Eat a kit Kat chunky you young monkey

Buy me some flying saucers or I’ll divorce you
I’d like some fruit pastilles my fine friend
and don’t pretend you don’t like maoam
Be a sport and pass me some all sorts
I’d like to nab some dib dabs
Crunchies are fine to munchie all the way to wrapper
Speaking of rappers eat some M and Ms
Don’t whisper theirs plenty to eat
and before we are done
Don’t forget to run off these treats for being fats no fun.