I have let the war fade away

Blood shot eyes
Awake in flashback nightmares
Screaming in silence
Lost in guilt ridden violence
Everyday is a brutal regime
There’s no distinguishing no changing
What I have done
Screaming victims is the war won?

A burning temper
A cold December
I try not to drink.
Realities torment I try not to think
Every time their faces come back to me
I stammer when I talk, I just can’t be
Screaming victim is the war won?

My family tries to support
My ravaged soul
I see the flames
They are burning out if control
In the distance a ray of light
Paralyzed by anxiety
I look to my family
Is the war won?

I am getting beaten
But I won’t back down
I forgive myself
I won’t back away
If there is a god
They’d forgive me I pray
I have let my war fade away…

A Christian burial

They bury you under original sin
Animal instincts desires
Man oh man you can’t win
You tire of your skin
Or is it the soul within?
Which yearns to be free
The key to life love
do we really know what it is?
The ones who really love you bang their heads on your brick wall
However the ones who walk tall are seldom wise
Does it come as any surprise?

God they say calls time at the end of your life
When you have been beaten by the Christian whip
Of self loathing
I don’t know about you but I’d say if God exists
He or she would be understanding if they walked in our shoes!