The universe will shine when we learn not to posess

Can you bomb hearts into submission?
Can you shoot them down?
I sit here as a fellow sufferer
With many thoughts I didn’t want around
Can you hold the soul of someone who wants to be free?
Violence is never the key
But it makes us submissive and baby I don’t want to be
I you as I love me
The hardest phrase in the universe to uphold
In the spirit of truth
We are all made of stars in our own right
This place is us
Everything we build
The love we wield as a weapon
When I just want to be me
and not to posess you
The spirit of the universe will shine
Your love and mine.

Fear makes the wolf Look bigger


Drink from the cup of anger
You blame each other
In gods name.
The painful exaggeration
Leaves a blood stain
Fear makes the wolf look bigger
Politicians of western world snigger
But they have left us high and dry
And capitalism like the dragons of old
Cannot be controlled
Everywhere a playground game
It’s all the same
Like limp bizkit said
It’s all about the he said she said bullshit
The blame game
Instead of finding answers
In amongst the playground fights and skuffles
I was picked on by people who were so called cooler than me
Unfortunately we never grow up
Living backwards
Living catchwords
Lets try to live forwards unlike the devil
After all lived is good start
Turn the page draw a heart
If you can’t say anything good
Don’t say it at all…


If fate is fact
Then is life fiction
Written by God
Our daily affliction.

If our destiny is death
With life sandwiched in between
Is life free choice or someone else’s dream?
Or is it a scheme?
A set level on a platform game
Perhaps freedom isn’t real
We are slaves to karma
We don’t define our lives they have already been defined
Time is a certain answer, choice a question?
Philosophers then should know their own destination
Who has defined our character if fate or destiny exists?
Is it circumstance that guides our hand or actions
Either way what is fates desire?
To throw us into the fire
To see how we turn out
Was there any doubt?