They call it white lightening

They call it white lightening

I down you so fast it’s frightening

I often wonder on the consequences

the thunder if not restrained deafens me sequentially

blurred vision and stomach acid

I cannot restrain the panic and feel placid

are you my really my Dutch courage?

as you ravage my life force and cause discourse

Bad decisions and unsafe sexual intercourse

my money is gone like my dreams

Distant dreams but my sadness screams

in surround sound and high definition

I have pressed the fuck it button I gave myself permission…

Drinking games

Jäger bomb scarecrow men
blow out their straw brains with alcohol
It’s just another drinking game
Aren’t you glad you came?
While White Russian dollies
drink from glasses with small cocktail brollies
Hedonistic heathens spreading free love
in the community
Police men paint the town with blue lights
as the fights begin
Another night another day
Hangover grey
Vomit from a kebab to cleanup
Another joyous pissup.