I am an itchy sentence

with a withheld pretence

a game with a glitch

a thoughtless error

a cut above the sever

that you didn’t want.

A unforeseen font

that shouldn’t be there.

A gaze, a stare

in the wrong direction

an infection of the mind

caught on the barbed wire

of life’s curses

and sealed within life’s hearse

a credit card, purse lost

look what a mistake cost

minecraft with a sphere instead of cubes

what am I here to prove

that life is imperfect

but it’s perfect imperfections

make for characters

even if they are glitches on the radar

of life.

Ready player 1 for the experience engine that is life

Ready player 1 for the experience engine
Life is the greatest game ever mentioned
a game within games
be the character in your heart
not the skin in which you were spawned
make the most of what you born with
so pick up that guitar
play with the fire
of love
fly your kite
spar and fight
and get your blackbelt
write about the stories and dreams you felt…