The mirror

There were two children at the start of universe
A boy and a girl and a mirror
The Girl hid from the boy and used to play tricks on him
He just stared at the mirror
One day she intended to play another trick on him
She found him on the other side of the mirror
In the land he had created within the mirror
A land of magic and dreams.
No matter what she did she couldn’t get through
So she smashed the mirror but all she found of the boy
Was the world he created.

The Girl in the fire

In the darkness you were my only light
Flame filled visions in the midst of white heat
Fusion, in the starry eyed traveller.
Can I unravel you and travel your soul?
Losing my inhibition can I endure the flames?
As my hunger guides me
Your painful touch like dragons breath
Cleansing, yet will I die?
In the visions I saw your soul
I started to cry
I don’t know who’s more tortured you or I?
Wisdom hides in your mind
Blinding like the glow of thousands of Suns
But as we know wisdom hurts
We can’t see past its light dancing in our brains
Yet we hunger for light to aid our sight
I need your light Sophia.

The moonchilds story

She was the dream that never ended
Her garden was always tended
Technicolor flowers and trees
Birds and bees
But in the distance the shadowman danced
when the sun set in the sky
He spoke about the whereabouts of the moonchild
Their child together
A link they couldn’t sever
For they were divorced and divided
The shadows grew when the moonchild rose
The shadowman had the night, she had the day
But the shadowman kept the child from her
if the child chose it would be midnight forever
and the shadowman was manipulative and clever
His son he always spoilt with many gifts
but his son the moonchild sleeps and dreams of his mother
He will never hurt her or any other.
But sometimes on an eclipse
the moonchild steals the suns light
and his father and mother fight
But he always gives it back.
because the light of the Sun is blinding to the moonchild
and he has to let it go
So the sun will again glow.

People you don’t yet know as friends will cry for you in the end

In dark places before we can be found
depression the hangman’s noose
won’t let our feet touch the ground
Won’t let us loose.
Remember the hope we had as children
don’t tie the knot and even when the darkness haunts
remember no mans an island
some of the people you don’t yet know as friends
will cry for you in the end.

Dragons cave

You had made it, your companions had all died or fled for their lives. The Dragons cave the treasure it was all yours. However you looked entranced at the mirror which gleamed with dragons head and green jewelled burning eyes. Not knowing of the ancient curse of the witch who owned the cave and its gleaming treasures. Suddenly your eyes of blue became slits of venomous green. The dragons curse was to become yours. Your heart beating faster and faster than ever before. Sweat was dripping out of every pore, skin reforming scaly and green. Blackened claws painfully breaking through all your fingernails. Your legs and arms flailing about as the pain becomes excruciating as there are sickening crunches as bones grow and reform. Your breath gasping then a roar as you exhale. Horns pierce through skin and scales breaking through your forehead. Your jaw breaks and moves forward into a reptile form. Teeth lengthen and grow sharp. Muscles once human and tired stretch and lengthen strengthen with every fibre reformed. Nostrils flare you are caught within the glare of the mirror again in the cave of the dead dragon a new dragon emerging from the hell of transformation. But instead of feeling sadness now you felt a fiery rage that you wanted to set free from its cage of constraint. The people of the city you came from who dismissed you as a vagabond are about to know the meaning of revenge.

A parents undying love (villanelle)

In the dark of evening
This is where I live, my tomb
Ghost light flickers, please keep believing!
I am sitting here, there is no leaving.
Stuck in the corner of this room
In the dark of evening.
Although in Nature’s glorious weaving
I have no shape, colour or bloom.
Ghost light flickers, please keep believing!
I am left with a heart full of caring
Trapped here in the gloom
ln the dark of evening.
My children and I are the only ones refusing
To accept my untimely doom
Ghost light flickers, please keep believing!
My children still are yet receiving
Love from me, beyond the tomb.
In the dark of evening
Ghost light flickers, please keep believing!