The clever tree

I am more intelligent than a bush
I can’t talk though, I have no mush, no mouth
I stand for years in the same place
contemplating the nature of the universe
the wisdom of ages
It flows deep within me.
My kind were here well before
the humans took charge
We loomed large
reaching for the sky with our branches
Look at how life dances
to the beat of the drum,
the heartbeat.
We are overcome with activity
all but my kind
But we hear all from standing still and tall
Things that no one has time to hear
floating on the wind
Reverberations, prayers, mantras, feelings all linked,
The path of life is not extinct
The chain the roots are all linked

Drinking games

Jäger bomb scarecrow men
blow out their straw brains with alcohol
It’s just another drinking game
Aren’t you glad you came?
While White Russian dollies
drink from glasses with small cocktail brollies
Hedonistic heathens spreading free love
in the community
Police men paint the town with blue lights
as the fights begin
Another night another day
Hangover grey
Vomit from a kebab to cleanup
Another joyous pissup.

The golden rule

If I said life is for the living,

you’d think it was a cliche

like the things most people say

They pray hallowed be thy name almost everyday

To take the pain away

One day I am going to die

I have no control

In how that will happen

Save suicide

Maybe god in heaven lied

Maybe heaven is in each moment we grasp

In each hand we clasp

We are born into a world where we can learn.

Or we can burn effigies relentlessly

Looking for love or faith

To burn into our tiny minds

Sighing like we are swooning

Or dying a painful death

Each breath we take!

It is better to be real than fake

Each lie we make constructs a web

But it highlights everytime we bleed

Needing reassurance.

Life is for the living 

It is unforgiving

We relive our mistakes

Dreaming them out

Or screaming them out loud

and we don’t learn

Hell is in the mind also

Every time we regret or

hurt or the guilt we carry

That harries our everyday life

I don’t want despair to be my wife

Or it’s children hurt and strife

Life is for the living so be positive

Lead a fruitful life but limit the hurt you inflict on

yourself and others

Its the golden rule!


At war with everyone
I watch our futures burn
Playing the devil
Sinking into the flames
Graveyard games.
Blood stains, not as much as a broken heart
the vultures tear apart.
My happiness is a distant memory
lying broken in the cemetery
I see ghosts of my future in my past.
I am aghast, a man of midnight
sackcloth and ashes
gashes and cuts
I loved myself, not enough…