Alien words

I am a white Labrador
I don’t like other types
I bark and I bark and I bite
I am a white human
I don’t like people of other shades
I load my gun and sharpen my blades
I am a husky I like to play
I tussle I hustle and bustle with other dogs all day
I am a human being
I see that we are all different but the same
blaming other people is a playground game
I am an alien we been through all these struggles
On our planet we recognise that variation is fun and not trouble
and variation is also causes beauty in strange ways
we don’t come to fight we come to observe your planets creatures
But we are light years away but we’d like to teach you.E4CB811A-40B7-4C97-A811-AFAE717752F7


If fate is fact
Then is life fiction
Written by God
Our daily affliction.

If our destiny is death
With life sandwiched in between
Is life free choice or someone else’s dream?
Or is it a scheme?
A set level on a platform game
Perhaps freedom isn’t real
We are slaves to karma
We don’t define our lives they have already been defined
Time is a certain answer, choice a question?
Philosophers then should know their own destination
Who has defined our character if fate or destiny exists?
Is it circumstance that guides our hand or actions
Either way what is fates desire?
To throw us into the fire
To see how we turn out
Was there any doubt?

In the end

When black is the new white
When the TV doesn’t sell shite
When the stars go out in the heavens
When I win on the slot machine with lucky sevens
When money doesn’t rule the world
When racism is no longer spoken
When mankind truly sees and is not broken
When we are one
Under one nation one Kingdom of love and of hope
It will be time to stop the clocks.

If life was a bird I never meant to harm her

In Sharp edged longing
I find no belonging

No home in freedom

No place in my heart.

I was better at the start

Life cannot be defined 

by a shopping carts

or bank accounts

It’s the moments we shared

and share.

I haven’t disarmed my karma

If life is a bird I never meant to harm her

But my be spoken promises

Have turned to nothing but death

I try to hold onto my breath,

my life ill conceived 

Gets lost like between the pen and the mind

and I am left blind behind the absent truth

I am cut aloof.