Magical graffiti

The graffiti
that appears on these four walls
isn’t just scribble isn’t just scrawl
it’s magic is intangible
tangling us all
mystical symbols enthrall
They detect and protect
us all from bad spirits
Entities that would eventually suck spirit
from soul and bone
not leaving us alone

Who writes this graffiti no one knows
spirit guides hands that glow
in the throes
of a wind that blows
what it says nobody knows
except the writers hands.

Haunted mirror

The real god dies over and over again

forgetting again who they were

we were torn in two

male and female

lovers and through and through

in me and in you

in this physical plane

we feel physical pain

a constructed prison

for our collective soul

while the demiurge governs

our existence

only Christ and Sophia our collective soul offer resistance