Karma chameleon kid

Through the reds and blues

and all the different hues

do you stay true to yourself?

you spoke to me goddess with songs

what could go wrong?

I have many names

all of them insane

I tried to hide my calling

but I am forever falling

I am the shadow and the star

I love the way you feel from afar

muse these are the words I choose

I had the key to heaven I threw it away

sometimes you have to be what you seek

I have been watching your digital dreams

I know you possess this mind

I know you are unkind

but most people who know my real name

don’t want to admit that all the same.

If life was a bird I never meant to harm her

In Sharp edged longing
I find no belonging

No home in freedom

No place in my heart.

I was better at the start

Life cannot be defined 

by a shopping carts

or bank accounts

It’s the moments we shared

and share.

I haven’t disarmed my karma

If life is a bird I never meant to harm her

But my be spoken promises

Have turned to nothing but death

I try to hold onto my breath,

my life ill conceived 

Gets lost like between the pen and the mind

and I am left blind behind the absent truth

I am cut aloof.