I have loved you across lifetimes

Burning bright and resilient

burning and brilliant

I love yous unsaid

I held the key to heaven

in my right hand

it was to the back door

I broke into her house to tell her I loved her

I knew her across life times

I am in conversation with the goddess

now I am in distress

I love her nevertheless

she said she’d read all my poems

she speaks to me in my head

and tells me she hates me

but in songs she tells me she loves me sometimes

Sophia I hope you find your wisdom

and the key I threw away

I loved you across life times

did you know?

I just want to go home

Without you I am bird with broken wings

I cannot sing

If life was a bird I never meant to harm her

In Sharp edged longing
I find no belonging

No home in freedom

No place in my heart.

I was better at the start

Life cannot be defined 

by a shopping carts

or bank accounts

It’s the moments we shared

and share.

I haven’t disarmed my karma

If life is a bird I never meant to harm her

But my be spoken promises

Have turned to nothing but death

I try to hold onto my breath,

my life ill conceived 

Gets lost like between the pen and the mind

and I am left blind behind the absent truth

I am cut aloof.