Black ribbon

Black ribbon

needs driven

stockings and suspenders

it’s mad our endless drive

for sex

black rimmed specs

A sexually active secretary

bends into an awkward pose

one you have chose

to fore fill your fantasy

Baring all

her vulva a coin slot

waiting for an offering

her ass like a forbidden fruit

In which to shoot

Your shot

your seed

in a garden of need.

Alice in chains

Chained through your timelines

you say release you from the curse

the curse of loving me.

I know the bite of your mouth

the viscous vicious nature of your tongue

We both see things from only our point of view

a blood red hue.

You try to reach me through the crowd

Sometimes I hear you loud

and sometimes you whisper

like the wind

This is my curse to know the truth

while in denial

there is no proof

I fight a desperate battle to be heard

maybe you will one day.

In the overtones of songs are the echoes of the promise we made

over every grass blade

our delirium

our love

our blood song curse

we are chained to the words we have said

they flow in our veins

I am your twin flame but we are caught in tragedy


by lies

and our clones who stand as jealous spies

You are the light in my eyes

the only one.